Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I just purchased my very own Denise Needle Kit

I was never very interested in trying them before. I think that they’re a fabulous idea for new knitters, just starting to grow their needle stash. But I have so many individual needles, it just didn’t seem necessary to purchase a kit.

Well, I decided to try them; and I am really enjoying them! Let me tell you why…

I like the flexibility the kit offers. I just returned from a lovely and relaxing long weekend in Manzanita. For me, going on holiday means a lot of knitting. And probably starting a new project, maybe even two! Having the kit allowed me to do all my swatching at the beach, without fretting over not having the right size or the right length of needles. The kit is small and compact and didn’t take up too much space in my knitting bag. More room for yarn!

I like the feel of these tips, they are silky smooth! They also have a nice point; not too pointy, not too dull…just right.

I like the way the tips click on and off easily; and they stay put!

I like the cords. They are smooth and straighten out quickly. And they’re pink!

The joins are great. Nothing gets snagged where the needle connects to the cord.

I’m hooked! Stop by the shop and check them out for yourself. We have the blue kits, as well as the pink kits. When you purchase the pink kit, $5 of your purchase goes toward breast cancer research.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finishing is Fun!

Here are 3 of my students-Carolyn, Tricia and Dena-from Beginner Socks at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop. Well, here are there footsies, beautifully adorned with their first almost completed sock! After this photo was taken, they hurried back to the classroom, and finished off the toe! Yeah! Finishing is so much fun!

I'm in the midst of beginning some holiday projects, hoping to finish them in less than 2 months! All other projects will be set aside, as I lovingly, and frantically, knit up some gifts for family and friends.

What are you knitting (better yet, finishing) these days?