Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Love Bar-Maids!

We loved having Jill from Bar-Maids with us during our 8th Annual Anniversary Sale and Celebration at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop a couple weeks ago. Their products are so amazing! I love the new Twisted Light Candles; we have some available at The Naked Sheep right now J

And I am continually impressed with the Lo-Lo Cuticle Intensive. This is a product that is PERFECT for every knitter or crocheter. Keep one in your purse, as well as your knitting bag. My hands were a mess this morning after a couple weeks of neglect. After just 2 applications of the Cuticle Intensive, they are beautiful! Really, stop by the shop and see for yourself! You MUST try this product.

And the Lo-Lo To-Go Bars are equally amazing for the knitter's hands. All natural, and safe to use while you're knitting. Stop by and smell the new scent, Orange Vanilla. Reminds me a Creamsicles in the summertime!