Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fun and Friendly Since 2005

Wow! I am so excited to be celebrating 10 years of being your Fun and Friendly Knit Shop! It's been amazing, and I'm so thankful for all the wonderful people I've had the honor to teach, assist with projects, and just hang out with. You make my job so fun and rewarding!

A BIG thanks to all the staff who have helped us become what we are today...Kristin, Carolyn, Andi, Margo, Judy and Emily. We've also had some amazing teachers...Kristin K, Bob S, Natalie L, Meghan G, LaVon M, Leann B, Anne B, Chrissy G, Kristina T, Kristin S, Holly L and Vickie V. I'm especially grateful to Kristin Kelly, my Head Purl Girl, and really looking forward to celebrating her 10 year anniversary with us this October!

And I definitely could not have made it without my best friend and business partner, Brad...our VP of Everything here at The Naked Sheep! Thanks for keeping all the light bulbs lit and bringing fun and laughter with you every time you walk through the door!

Okay, this is starting to sound like an awards ceremony speech, so I'll wrap it up! THANKS AGAIN, and please join us this weekend as we celebrate the past 10 years, as well as look forward to the coming 10 years of beingYour Place to Knit!

-Cheri and Brad