Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's Start A Knit-A-Long!

I’d like to do some knit-a-longs this summer on Saturdays at the shop, and I would really love your input on what you want to make.

I would like to focus on a different sweater each month (June-July-August). This will be an informal time to gather together, ask questions, get support (both technical and moral!) and just have fun together.

I’ll be offering a 15% discount if you purchase your yarn for the knit-a-long at The Naked Sheep.

Please leave your comments and ideas here. I'll let you know what we decide in the next newsletter!


Patty said...

I would love to do that, Cherie -- even though I am still working on my daughter-in-law's birthday sweater (last September!). I have been wanting to do a light, silky, summery top.

Terren said...

I think "Something Red" would be a fun sweater for a knit along!

Anonymous said...

I, too, would love a knit-a-long on Saturday afternoons. I'm up for any kind of adult sweater. Sounds fun - let's do it.
Holly Lorimor

Cheri said...

This is getting exciting! I'm going to check out the Something Red sweater.

And Holly...I have a big ol' bag of lovely yarn for you to pick up!

Anonymous said...

I'm comin' by tomorrow, it's already in my plans. I thought there were two coming? Probably either confused or greedy.

Natalie (Natknit) said...

I'm all for doing the "Owls" pattern.