Saturday, July 3, 2010

5th Anniversary Sale and Celebration Giveaways!!!

Wow! We have TONS of great stuff to give away during our Big 5th Anniversary Sale and Celebration...I'm so excited! In addition to a fabulous sale, there will be daily giveaways and several drawings for larger prizes at the end of the weekend.
A Great Big Thank You to those who generously donated all these items!
We so appreciate the following awesome vendors: Bar-Maids, Bryson Distributing, Cascade Yarns, Elsebeth Lavold, Knit Sew Purl What?!, Lantern Moon, R&M Book Distributors, Stitch Jones, Universal Yarn and WoolPets.
And we LOVE our neighboring businesses and are very appreciative of their donations: Atomic Pizza, Beaterville, Blend, Breakside Brewery, DiPrima, Pause and Trixies Beauty Bar.

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