Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bradley's Art! I love it!

Taking a moment today to brag on Brad, our VP of Everything here at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop! Check out some of his beautiful artwork...

Riley Boy

St Helens

Just One Day

Frog Song


Arb hits the Banfield

More to come!


Jennifer Stoller said...

I have been incredibly impressed with Bradley's art. Does he have a website or a place online to look at more? Does he take commissions? Jennifer

Cheri said...

He's currently working on his website. And yes, Jennifer; he does take commissions! I'm really enjoying all his different styles right now. It's fun to see him doing something he loves so much; and that he's so talented at!

Adrian said...

I really love this art especially the first one of the dog. I've seen the photos of all the different sweaters he wears and they are really cute.