Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Too Cute!

Are these shoes just too cute, or what?! Thanks to my sweetie-pie, I finally got a pair!
A friend of mine saw them at Fred Meyer, and I immediately started the search for my size. I even had a friend who has connections with Converse trying to get me a pair; but no luck.

Then my sweetie-pie waltzes into Fred Meyer and finds a pair...in my size...on sale, even!

I love pink. I love sheep. I love these shoes!


Meghan said...

Me too! Very cute, wish I had a pair, then we could be twins. But alas I'm sure they don't carry them in a size 12. Pooey on my big feet!

bRad said...

What an awesome sweetie pie! You are so lucky to have him! Who is this great guy?! He must really love and adore you!!!

Courtney said...

Those are awesome! Go Brad! Did they give you any funny looks when you bought pink sheep shoes:)

HawaiianGirl said...

I found the shoes at Zappos.com. Just ordered a pair. Didn't even THINK to check Freddy's!! How much did you pay for yours?