Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Very Soft and So Very Pink

This is my Quick and Cozy Cardigan in Cascade's Soft Spun, the sweater I started during my birthday weekend out at Edgefield. It has knit up quickly, and the yarn is so lovely to work with. It's so soft, and so pink! I love it!

I just have the second sleeve to finish and sew in, but I'm about halfway done with that. And then I need to finish up the collar.

I can tell I'll be wearing this sweater a lot!


Linda said...

Can you tell us what the pattern is? Is it your own design? I love the colour and would love to make it for myself.

Cheri said...

The pattern is free on Cascade Yarns website. Here's the link

I talk more about it in my Wed, March 11 post.