Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tweedy Aran Cardigan

I'm currently taking the Tweedy Aran Cardigan class with Vivanne at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop.

Here's Vivianne, modeling her lovely finished sweater. I'm making mine using Therapi by South West Trading Company. Such nummy yarn! It's an incredibly soft blend of jadeite, wool and silk fibers; with a beautiful sheen! And although the pink is just lovely, I chose turquoise to knit up this sweater!

Once I have a little more knit up, I'll post a photo!

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Natalie said...

This class is really fun. I'm learning a lot!! New stitches and how to better use gauge to estimate size because I'm using a substitute yarn - Aslan Trends Artesanal. I thought I'd have a hard time with this pattern and the stitches, but I'm actually 'getting it.'