Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I realize that it's been a whole week since I last wrote; and I was trying to figure out how I let so much time go by. We did have a big Spring Sidewalk Sale at the shop last Saturday; and I was busy preparing for that, but that isn't the real reason that I was procrastinating my next post.

Here's my dilemna. In my last post I said that I was going to finish two current projects before beginning anything new. Well...before the day was over, I gave in!

I started this baby blanket using Cash Vero, an oh-so-soft new yarn from Cascade. It's a wonderfully luscious blend of wool, microfiber and cashmere. I didn't have anything knit up with it in the shop, and so I decided it would be perfect in a baby blanket. I'm sure that you agree, I had no choice but to start this project.

And my good friend, Laura, is making me the most beautiful king size quilt ever. Bright and colorful and just lovely! This is the sweater I'm making her to say thank you. You can understand that I just had to start this project, also.

I feel better now that we have this out in the open. And ironically, these may just be the two projects I finish before starting anything new! Thanks for listening, and understanding, the confessions of someone who knits too much!


Courtney said...

Knitting is a creative art, you have to go with your gut sometimes!

Meghan said...

Sinner!! How dare you do knit what you want to knit ;) Glad to see that you're enjoying your projects and I really like the sweater, it's better in person then the pattern pic. Thanks for posting! Gives me something to do at work :P

bRad said...

Now I know what you've been doing!!!