Thursday, March 6, 2008

Entrelac, a super cool technique

This is The Wonderful Woven Scarf, a pattern that I created for a class I'll be teaching at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop. The class will teach the entrelac method, which creates this very cool fabric that looks woven. I'm using Poems, from Universal Yarn. This variegated wool makes entrelac easy, because it does the color changes for you!

My plan is to felt the scarf when it's done, so I'm using size 10 needles, instead of size 8; and I'm making it extra wide and long. I had a customer make a felted entrelac bag using Poems, and it came out so beautifully.

I like the scarf unfelted, also. But I think that felting it will make the back look smoother. Then the scarf will be more reversible.

Either way, it's tons of fun to knit entrelac!


Anonymous said...

Who's that model? She is gorgeous!
Is she available for "private lessons"

Nancy said...

Pretty! And the scarf, too.

Courtney said...

I like the grays, luckily our Portland skies have been more blue lately, otherwise you would be camouflaged:)