Thursday, March 20, 2008


When I felted my messenger bag the other day, I also decided to felt the entrelac scarf. Oops. I regret it now. The problem is, I let the scarf agitate a little too long; and the fabric became too dense and thick. And unfortunately with felting, there is no undoing or unfelting.

Here's a reminder of the before.

And here's the after.
I now wish that I hadn't felted it; but, oh well, what can you do? I'll just be able to pass valuable info onto my students, and they will see what the scarf will look like felted.

What lesson did I re-learn? The importance of swatching. I just dove into knitting the scarf; which would have been fine if I had left it unfelted. But if I had knit a test swatch, I could have then test felted the swatch and seen that it would be a very dense fabric.

Live and learn; and possibly have to re-learn!


Esther said...

Just found your blog. Not knowing that you thought it was a 'mistake' my friend and I were in the shop a few weeks ago, saw this scarf and thought it was *gorgeous*.

Esther said...

Oh, to clarify my comment, we thought it was gorgeous because we loved the way the colors bled in and out of each other with so much texture-like the clouds of portland itself. Though we did clarify it seemed like it would be a *really, really warm* scarf ;)