Friday, August 30, 2013

Yarn for Henry Schmidt

By now, you may have heard about the young man who was hit and left for dead while walking his bike home from work along SW Barbur Blvd earlier this month, Henry Schmidt. After his family pleaded for the driver to surrender to the police, a woman finally turned herself in. A woman whose driving record contains 4 suspension and a dozen driving citations.

What you may not have heard, is that Henry's a knitter. A couple of my friends and I decided to collect some yarn for Henry. When Mary Mooney from the Oregonian got involved, our small project began growing into something really big and wonderful!

So far, the response has been AMAZING! I've received calls and packages from Chicago, New York, California and Florida...just to name a few. Cascade Yarns and Lantern Moon stepped up with fabulous donations! I've been so touched by people's generosity and concern for this young man. Fiber artists are so tightly knit together, and we take care of our own!

We'll continue collecting items for Henry through September. I'll be making the first delivery to him soon! In addition to all the wonderful yarns, needles and books, I'm going to offer Henry some free classes at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop.  He just might need a little help working through some of this!

The goal was to show Henry some support, to let him know that we care, and to make his recovery time a little more enjoyable. I believe we've done just that! THANKS!!!

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