Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ludo, for Brad

This is the sweater that I'm knitting for Brad from Elsebeth Lavold's new pattern book; the pattern is called Ludo. It's an interesting, very easy pattern that gives the illusion of cables.

The pattern calls for Cable Cotton; and I'm using one of the new spring colors (#019 Blue). It's such a fabulous yarn to work with. I love the soft, springy fabric it creates.

I normally have several sweaters going for Brad, but right now I just have this one. I'm hoping to have it finished up for his birthday in July.

I appreciate having a husband who is so supportive of my love for knitting. He doesn't just tolerate wearing things I make for him; he actually enjoys receiving and wearing hand knit sweaters and such! I sometimes have students or customers that say that their spouse or partner would never wear anything they knit (for many different reasons); that makes me sad. But it gives me one more reason to believe that I made the right choice almost 23 years ago!


Ruby said...

I agree with you about having a spouse that wears what I make for him and is proud to do so. He even has been known to drag the unsuspecting person, if they are in our house, to the bedroom to drag out all the completed projects that haven't gone to other homes. I'm glad I made the correct choice 32 years ago!

Meghan said...

How did it go last night? I was so busy trying to get everything packed up for Italy that I didn't make it. Hope Brad did well! I was sending good thoughts his way.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever finish this sweater? Did I ever get it??