Friday, April 20, 2007

Riley's May Sweater

Does this little guy look like he needs a sweater, or what?! Don't worry, Riley; help is on the way! This is Riley's May sweater...he's going to be a sweet little bumblebee. My son, Nick, once remarked that I was embarrasing Riley by dressing him up. To that I replied, be thankful it's not you anymore! I think that Riley secretly enjoys his personal wardrobe! He wants to do his part to support the shop!

My two boys, Cory and Nick, are also big supporters of The Naked Sheep; and they help out any way they can. They wash windows, put away yarn, take out the garbage, and even wear sheep costumes! Oops, I guess I do still get to dress them up!


bRad said...

You are doing a great job with the blog! Keep up the good work!

Angela Marie said...

Riley is gonna look sooo cute in his new lil sweater. Well, cuter than usual.